Title: In the Dark of Night
Author: Deia
Category: V, post-ep, MSR
Rating: R
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Spoilers: Theef
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Summary: Mulder helps Scully deal with her fears
Many thanks to the lovely Robin for accepting to
beta this story for me and for doing a great job.
Dedication: To my dear friend Sallie. Happy
birthday, sweetie. Love you!

In the Dark of Night

"Morning, Scully," greeted Mulder when he saw his
partner walking into their office.

"Morning." Scully tried to smile back at him, but
the tiredness of the past few days was catching up on
her. She was having trouble sleeping ever since they
came back from their last case, three days ago.

"Everything okay?"

"Yes, I'm just tired."

"Want a back rub?" He even sounded serious and the
thought of accepting crossed her mind briefly, but she
knew better than to encourage his innuendos. Scully
shook her head and went to her desk to start her day.

They were silent for the next hour, but Mulder kept
stealing glances at Scully. She looked exhausted, and
Mulder wanted nothing more than to send her home to
get some rest, but knowing Scully as he did, she
wouldn't appreciate it if he started showing her his
concerns. He opened his mouth a few times, but lost
his nerve every one of them, until she broke the
silence for him.

"You can say it, Mulder. I know you're dying to."

He looked embarassed, but said it anyway "You should
go home and get some rest, Scully. Things are pretty
calm down here, I can handle whatever comes up for

"Okay, then." If she wasn't so damn tired she would
have laughed at the stunned face of her partner.
Mulder blinked at her. He had an entire argument ready
and wasn't prepared in the least for her fast
acceptance. He was glad, and at the same time worried.
She wasn't even trying to look 'fine'.

"Are you just tired, Scully?" His voice was cautious,
he didn't want to upset her by hovering.

"Yes, nothing a good night of sleep can't resolve."

Mulder smiled in relief. "Go then, partner, I'll
cover for you." Scully thanked him and went straight

Now the hard part was getting to sleep. She didn't
want to admit it to Mulder, but the problem started
ever since she went blind in that cabin. Scully had
been afraid of closing her eyes and opening then the
next morning without being able to see. She knew it
was silly of her to think something like this, but
she had been so terrified then. A million things
crossed her mind in the few infinite minutes when
all she could see was black.

Scully changed clothes and went to bed. She tossed for
about half an hour before being able to sleep. In her
dreams she couldn't see. She couldn't concentrate on
the sounds and every touch startled her. When she woke
up, she was shaking and sweating and for about ten
minutes she lay with her eyes closed, afraid to open

It was just past noon and although she was still
tired, Scully knew sleep wouldn't help her relax. She
ate some soup even though she wasn't hungry and took a
bath afterwards.

The TV shows weren't grabbing her attention and more
often than not she caught herself looking at her
phone. Mulder hadn't called her, but she expected as
much. He'd wait until after work to call and see if
she was okay. Before she could stop herself, Scully
took the phone and dialed his number.



"Hi, Scully. Sleep well?"

Mulder could hear her sigh over the phone. "What's
wrong, Scully?"

"It's silly, Mulder. Really."

"It's not silly. You're having nightmares, aren't

She answered in a small voice, "Yes."

"What are they about?"

"This last case, I keep dreaming that I'm blind again,
just this time I don't recover from it."

Mulder was quiet for a few seconds, "Have you been
having them since we got back?"

"Yes. It'll be alright."

"Do you want me to come over? I can keep you company,
we can order pizza, then watch a movie," he said then
added huskily "I can give you that back rub."

In despite of herself she laughed, she was just too
tired to fight it. "Right, Mulder, but I'll pick the

"Not fair, Scully. You got to choose the last time."

"Don't be a baby, Mulder."

"Ouch." His voice softened, "will you be okay?"

"Of course. Don't worry."

He sighed, "okay, then. I'll bring the pizza. See you


By the time Mulder arrived at Scully's apartment,
she was napping on her couch, not able to fight the
fatigue any longer. He knocked a few times and when
she didn't answer, he let himself in. He spotted her
and put the box of pizza on her coffee table, trying
not to make a sound. She seemed peaceful and Mulder
thought it would be better to let her sleep, so he
settled himself on the floor by the couch to watch
over her.

Although he had seen her sleeping countless times
before, Mulder craved the sight. Her hair was in
disarray, one hand tucked under her face and the other
close to her waist. Her legs were slightly flexed, her
chest rose and fell gently. Not a single line on her
face. She looked like a painting and he had to
restrain himself from touching her delicate features.

Mulder spent about 20 minutes watching her, when he
noticed her breathing speed up and the lines forming
on her forehead. He knew it was coming, but he hoped
she would get enough rest before he had to wake her

Scully started making little noises and jerking in her
sleep. Mulder didn't want to touch and startle her,
and thought it'd be better talk her out of her
nightmare. He kept calling her name in soothing tones,
until she called his name, she was shaking, but still
hadn't opened her eyes.

"It's okay, Scully. I'm here. You can open your eyes."

She took a deep breath and he reached out to touch her
face, speaking softly "Come on, Scully, open you eyes.
It's gonna be alright."

Scully reached out for his other hand and holding on,
opened her eyes and sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry, Mulder."

"Please, don't be sorry. Scully when are you going to
learn that I'm here for you and that I want you to
rely on me. I know you're a strong person, nobody
knows that better than I. It's okay to be afraid,
Scully. And it's okay to ask for help."

She looked at him and smiled shyly. She pulled on his
arm and hugged him, "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

They stayed like that for a few minutes, then Mulder
asked without releasing her, "You hungry?"

"Not really."

"Have you eaten today?"

"A little."

"Let's make a deal, I'll heat the pizza and you'll
have a slice, then I'll let you snuggle with me on the

She looked at him incredulously and he smiled at her.
How could she win when he gave her that smile? Scully
rolled her eyes and agreed to eat.

They ate in silence, but it was still evident how
tired Scully was. After Mulder cleaned up the dishes,
he sat beside her on the couch.

"Is there something I can do, Scully?"

"You already did a lot, Mulder."

Mulder stretched his arms for her, "C'mere."

Looking at him suspiciously, she asked "What do you
have in mind?"

"Humor me, Scully."

She hesitated, but leaned on his chest. Mulder wrapped
one arm around her waist and let the other stroke her
hair. With each breath, he felt her body relax against
his, when she burrowed her face on his neck, he
knew she had fallen back to sleep.


A couple of hours later, Mulder stirred, his neck was
hurting and he could barely feel his feet. The first
thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a mass of red
hair and despite the pain he smiled. He could get
used to waking up with Scully in his arms. He had to
admit though that if they were lying on a comfortable
bed it'd make it even more enjoyable.

As much as he hated to move, his body was screaming at
him to. At the first movement Mulder made to leave the
couch, Scully's arms tightened around him and she
whispered his name. This and her breath on his neck
were starting to wake other parts of his body as well.
He had to get out of there. He made another move and
her leg traveled up until her thigh was leaning on his
crotch. He stifled a moan and without thinking
started stroking her back, she responded pressing her
body to his and this time he couldn't suppress the
sound. His breath quickened as he felt his arousal

Feeling his agitation, Scully awoke. When she was
aware enough of their current situation, she looked up
and saw the storm in Mulder's eyes.

"Any nightmares?" His voice was husky, but this time
without the teasing tone.

"No." She whispered.

They stayed looking at one another, Scully's eyes were
deep blue now, and she was absently caressing his
chest. She could feel his heart accelerating under her
hand and it fueled her with passion. She leaned
closer to him and he met her halfway. Their kiss was
soft at first, but as soon as Mulder felt the tip of
Scully's tongue touch his bottom lip, he devoured her
mouth. Seven years of desire enveloped them in a
frenzy. They touched and kissed and sucked every part
of skin they could find.

After the first piece of cloth touched the ground,
they were completely lost in one another. Mulder
picked Scully up and carried her to the bedroom,
laying her gently on her bed. He stripped what was
left of their clothes and covered her body with his.

And he loved her like no other ever had. Worshiping,
cherishing, adoring her body as if she was a goddess.
She felt her heart swell with love for this man and
she could see the same love reflected in his eyes.

When he entered her, they both gasped. That was it.
They were one, finally, and the significance of this
moment made them pause. For awhile, they only held
each other, whispering softly and kissing lightly,
until their bodies took control again and they started
moving, rocking, stroking.

Completion came sweet and powerful. There were no
words to express what they had experienced together
just now. But there was no need, they could feel it in
every cell of their bodies.

Mulder pulled Scully in his arms and kissed the top of
her head. She looked up at him and smiled, bringing
their lips together.


"Mmm hmm."

He smiled and stroked her hair. "Go on to sleep, then.
I've got you."

She sighed contently and closed her eyes, anticipating
the moment she'd open them the next morning and the
sight that would greet her.

The end