Title: Rapture
Author: Deia
Category: V, MSR, PWP
Rating: strong R
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Spoilers: tiny one from "Theef"
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money from it.

As always many thanks my dearest Sallie for helping me and making this
story readable, but especially for your presence in my life. You are the
best friend someone can ask for. This story was written for you as a
belated birthday gift. Love you lots, sweetheart.


He likes to watch her. There are so many gestures, expressions, actions,
that he loves, but there is one he has always longed to see more than
any other. As she opens the connecting door, wearing a deep green
nightgown that leaves little to the imagination, he is almost positive
he won't have to yearn for it much longer.

He doesn't move from the spot where he is on the bed. She leans on the
doorway, and takes her time ravishing his body with her eyes. When she
notices the evidence of her effect on Mulder, her lips tug upwards.
Scully is pleased with herself.

She closes the connecting door with finality. She couldn't be clearer
about her intentions. And as he watches, she starts walking towards him,
with a smile he has never seen before, and a look in her eyes that makes
it hard to breathe.

Scully takes her time getting to him. His gaze falls upon the
hypnotizing sway of her hips, and he feels his mouth water. He forces
his eyes upwards, and is distracted by her breasts. Mulder has to
restrain himself from grabbing her to him. Even when Scully is within
reach, he still waits. He has been waiting for her forever, and no
matter how much he aches to touch her, Mulder knows it’s her show, and
he’ll happily follow her rules.

Kneeling at his side on the bed, she locks her eyes on him, and slowly
slips the straps of her nightgown from her shoulders, exposing her
breasts. They are full, round and pale. Her small pink nipples harden
under his gaze, and he moans at the sight.

She looks pointedly at his t-shirt, and he obeys her silent command,
pulling it off. The smile is back on her face. Scully leans over him and
nibbles on his ear. Her breasts tease him, almost touching his chest.
When he makes a move to touch them however, she pulls away. Mulder bites
back a groan and closes his eyes.

When he feels her leaving the bed, his eyes snap open, afraid she has
changed her mind.

She hasn’t. Instead, she slowly lifts the hem of her nightgown,
revealing her legs and thighs to him. The anticipation is killing him,
yet at the same time he can’t remember ever having been this turned on.
She stops for a few seconds, before pulling the silky garment over her hips.

The first thing he notices is her scent-- intoxicating, erotic, heady
Scully scent. He looks hungrily at her curls, wondering when he will be
able to bury his face in them, in her. While he is busy staring at her,
Scully finishes undressing, and stands before him naked. Her hands move
lazily over her body, caressing her thighs, her belly, playing with
those curls.

Mulder’s breathing is labored, his hands flexing, his body on fire while
he watches her. She comes back to the bed, and straddles his knees.
Scully bends over him and gives his hips open mouthed kisses, nuzzling
the erection still covered by his boxers. She raises her head just
enough to allow herself to pull off that final piece of clothing.

As her hands travel back over his legs, knees, and the inside of his
thighs, she licks him, closing her eyes, enjoying his flavor. When she
engulfs him with her mouth, and starts to suck his flesh, he throws his
head back, and clenches his jaw to keep from screaming.

His response to her makes Scully completely wild, and she starts bucking
her hips against his legs. She touches her breasts and moans, sending
shivers up his spine.

“Scully.” It is the first word uttered since she entered the room, and
as choked as his voice is, the reverence in it is unmistakable. She
knows he is close, but she’s not ready for it to end so soon.

She makes her way slowly over his body, pausing only when she reaches
his lips. Scully devours his lips with the same passion she used on his
penis few minutes earlier.

When he feels her wetness, Mulder grunts and grabs at her hips. It is
his first indulgence of the night. He has to touch her. He has to feel
every inch of her body. The need to wrap himself in her is too
overpowering to control.

Looking in her eyes, he finds there permission to touch and explore her
completely, to take what he has wanted for so long. But he will do so
much more than take. He’ll give, too. He’ll cherish and worship and
adore. He will show her over and over again that for him, she is
perfection--the only woman who can fill every part of him with warmth,
and tenderness, and love.

Mulder flips her on her back, and starts to move down her body, when she
stops him, “Later. Right now, I want to feel you, all of you, inside me.
We’ll have all night to play.” The sound of her voice, husky and
seductive, adds to the rush he is already feeling.

Wasting no time, he guides himself into her. The feel of her surrounding
him alone could be his undoing, but he steels himself, gritting his
teeth, and squeezing his eyes shut. He is going to make it last, if it’s
the last thing he does.

He waits a few seconds trying to bring himself under control, but when
Scully’s hands make their way to his butt, urging him on, his eyes shoot
open. He is rewarded with a blinding smile, as she arches her back, lost
in the passion.

His thrusts are slow and deep, while his lips fasten themselves to her
neck. The sounds of their lovemaking mingle, as their movements become
more frenzied.

Finally, Scully falls apart in his arms, a low moan escaping her. Tears
fill her eyes as he finally allows his body to follow hers to
completion. Once he catches his breath, Mulder turns on his side and
cradles her body to his, kissing her forehead.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what happened, Scully? Why now, why tonight?”

She looked into his eyes, and caressed his face lovingly, “I thought it
was time to stop.

“Stop what?”

“Keeping you guessing.”