I made a new page on the artwork section for my icons. These things are 
addicting. :D
I also have two new collages I made for Logan. Here and here.
If anyone is wondering (I hope), chapter 5 of Every Step is with Sallie, so
you'll probably have an update soon.


I added 4 new collages, one I made for Lidia's birthday project, one for Jess, 
one for BTS Anniversary and a David collage. There is also a new story, Rapture,
I wrote for Sallie's birthday.


The Recommended Authors section is finally ready. It took me a long time to
choose only two stories from each author to recommend. It's just a
glimpse, though, of their talent. Check it out!


Added chapter 4 of Every Step of the Way, and a new collage for David's


Welcome to XSense!!!
I've been working on this site since forever it seems, but it's finally online. 
There is so much I wanted to put in here, but so little time to actually do it. 

At first, this will be the place where you'll find my stories, collages, and 
slideshows. Soon, I'll be adding my favorite stories, authors, and sites.